ORUS Data Sim Card /   M2M - IoT



GSM / IoT / M2M  

ORUS offers M2M secure communication solutions by GSM  and IoT, guarantee the highest level of data security, in particular by the ISO 27001 procedure.


The ORUS SIM CARD is a multiple-operator SIM card that allows you to connect devices together all over the world. 


The special feature of this card is its ability to find the best available GSM network wherever it is located.


Resistance to extreme conditions of temperature, vibrations, a sufficiently long lifetime and high read/write durability

World Coverage

More than 190 countries to quickly and safely connect your devices to the GSM network on 2G, 3G & 4G

Cost Control

Build all costs into the platform for rating of customer traffic


Management fully monitor their SIM estate & Automatic invoicing on cycle of your choice