The ORUS platform and application guarantee you secure access and tracking of your trackers with all the original options about ORUS offer.


The ability to customize the ORUS platform to your expectations or your professional constraints, make the ORUS-GPS platform a tool for your management and security of your material assets.

Computing & Application

Mac, Android or computing that can matching to your equipments



  1. Real Time Localisation 
  2. Fleet management 
  3. Location Data
  4. Real time report                                                             (Speed, fuel report…etc...)    
  5. Geofence                                    
  6. Crash Alarm  
  7. Theft Alarm
  8. ORUS Technical assistance 


Several models adapted to motorized vehicles, offering different levels of information.

From GPRS Tracker to VHF Spot  


To Bicycles or any other motorized or non-motorized vehicles, containers, control of premises, followed luggage ...

People & Animals

To ensure safety and assistance to people & animals in all circumstances and for all profiles, ORUS tracker will offer an effective solution for all.